The Departments of Pediatrics and Medicine of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill have operated a very successful joint training program in endocrinology for three decades based in laboratories in the School of Medicine and in the University of North Carolina Hospitals. The purpose of the program is to provide postdoctoral training in endocrinology and endocrine research for qualified individuals with career interests in research, teaching, and academic medicine. Most graduates of this program now pursue full-time academic careers.

For the physician who wishes to obtain clinical endocrine experience in preparation for an academic career, the opportunities for developing clinical skills are excellent. The Pediatric Endocrine Clinic serves as a regional referral center for children with endocrine disorders and disturbances of growth. In each clinic, postdoctoral fellows are precepted by one of the full-time pediatric endocrinologists.

There is also an active program of care for children with diabetes mellitus. The Medicine Department is responsible for clinics in general endocrinology, diabetes and hyperlipidemia. In addition, there are active inpatient consulting services for hospitalized patients with a wide range of endocrine or metabolic problems. There is also a weekly combined Medicine-Pediatric Endocrine Conference in which the most informative cases are presented for general discussion. Physician fellows have the chance to participate in the teaching of clinical endocrinology to medical students and house staff while they are performing clinical responsibilities.

A major aim of the program is to prepare trainees for careers in endocrine investigation. During his/her tenure, the fellow becomes associated with one or more faculty preceptors as they work on a research program of their own. This research may focus on a purely laboratory approach or on a more clinical approach using the facilities of the University of North Carolina Hospitals and our NIH supported Clinical Research Center. Fellows review their work regularly with their preceptors and present it periodically at meetings or seminars.

Application Process

Complete an application, have three of your instructors or supervisors complete the evaluation forms, and mail them directly to us. Sign the release of information form on each request. Have your undergraduate school and your medical school or graduate school send a transcript of your academic record. When these data have been received and reviewed by the application committee, the applicant will be invited to visit Chapel Hill to meet faculty members and current fellows in the program.

If the kind of training outlined interests you, we will be happy to receive and consider your application. If you have any questions about this training program, please phone or write to the director.


Anna Spagnoli, M.D.
Associate Professor of Pediatrics and Biomedical Engineering
Director Pediatric Endocrinology Fellowship Program
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
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Chapel Hill, NC 27599-7039
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