Meet Our Team


Nurse Practitioner

Food Allergy Fellows

  • Allison Burbank, MD 
  • Sheva Chervinskiy, MD
  • Aaron Kobernick, MD, MPH
  • Shaili Shah, MD

Social Worker

  • Laura Gallaher, LCSW

    CEMALB Research Faculty (Center for Environmental Medicine, Asthma and Lung Biology)

    Food Allergy Lab

    • Ayeshia Beavers
    • Rishu Guo, MD, PhD
    • Mike Kulis, PhD
    • Kelly Orgel
    • Rhonda Qualls
    • Nicole Szczepanski 
    • Ben Wright, MD
    • Xiaohong Yue, MS, DDS
    • Huamei Zhang, MS

    Food Allergy Study Coordinators

    • Jill French, RN, MSN 
    • Deanna Hamilton, RN
    • Lauren Herlihy, RN, MSN, CPNP
    • Pamela H. Steele, CPNP, CRC

    Office Staff

    • Ward Jarvis
      Division Administrator
    • Lori Slack
      Contracts and Grants Administrator
    • Jessi Stark
      Administrative Assistant
    • Charlotte Weaver
      Division Administrator
    • Suzanne Record
      Division Administrator