Career Development

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Career Development for faculty is the main charge of the Faculty Development Committee. This committee is responsible for providing faculty with opportunities to grow as professionals. This page outlines committee responsibilities as well as helpful tips and resources to prepare faculty for career advancement.

Current postings for Faculty positions in the Department of Pediatrics can be viewed here. For further information about any of these postings please contact Kathy Maddux.

Pediatrics Faculty Development Committee

The Faculty Development Committee meets four to six times a year to plan projects related to faculty development. Committee members oversee many of the specific activities and projects described in this site, including:

If you have an idea for a new project, or a specific problem or question related to the Faculty Development Program, please contact any of the faculty development committee members.

Career Development Resources

Individual Faculty Development Plans

In 2010 the PAS/APA produced a guideline document outlining the elements of an individual faculty development plan. This information may be useful for faculty in their own planning, or in preparation for meetings with their Mentoring Committee.

Format Your CV

It is important to keep your CV up to date and to remember to format it based on the UNC School of Medicine standards. This will help to expedite promotions review. If you would like assistance in converting your current CV to the School of Medicine format, please contact Anna Martin at (919) 966-1505.

Writing Help

Department of Pediatrics Faculty can obtain advice regarding writing style and technique or have manuscripts and grant proposals reviewed for feedback upon request. Please contact Sue Tolleson-Rinehart for further details.


UNC Faculty Physicians has developed a new website for the Faculty Services Office to help you find information about supplemental benefits including details about benefits, claims filing instructions, forms, insurance certificates as well as an FAQ, news, and our contact information.

This site is private, and only accessible to our members. Everyone must sign in with an onyen to access the site.

The following is the link to the website: If you have trouble logging in, please contact Katie O’Brien at or 919-843-3989.